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Personal Injury

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Protecting the Rights of Victims Throughout New Jersey

Lawyers committed to helping you recover full, fair compensation for your losses

A serious accident of any kind can change your life in an instant, affecting you physically and financially. If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by another party’s wrongdoing or negligence, it’s important that you understand your legal rights. You have the right to obtain medical treatment from your choice of provider, and you also have the right to pursue compensation for all losses resulting from the accident. At the Law Offices of Pastor and Pastor, LLC, our New Jersey personal injury lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of accident victims in the Garden State by seeking the maximum damages for the harm they’ve suffered.

We pursue compensation for victims who have suffered a wide range of injuries, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Brain injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Loss of limbs
  • Paralysis
  • Disfiguration
  • Loss of life

With more than 20 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys have the skills and knowledge needed to help you pursue justice through a variety of legal strategies.

Diligent representation for accident victims

Our attorneys have successfully represented New Jerseyans who have suffered injuries and losses through accidents of all kinds, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents — Any number of factors can contribute to a motor vehicle accident, including distracted driving, impaired driving and simple negligence. We fight to make victims whole following car, truck, motorcycle and other vehicular accidents caused by another driver’s actions by seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.
  • Slips and falls — Property owners have a duty to provide a safe and secure environment for visitors to their premises. Failure to do so may lead to injuries and leave the property owner liable for damages. We represent victims injured in slip and fall accidents resulting from standing water, unsecured flooring, uneven stairways and other types of hazards.

Helping clients obtain compensation for losses resulting from an accident

Injury victims are entitled to financial reimbursement for all losses or costs resulting from an accident. Our lawyers pursue the maximum compensation for all of your losses, including those related to:

  • Medical care — Healthcare, especially emergency room care, is expensive. You are entitled to compensation for all costs associated with medical care, including treatment right after an accident and any necessary ongoing care, such as physical therapy.
  • Lost wages — Many injury victims do not return to work for days or even weeks after an accident. You are entitled to compensation for any wages lost during the recovery process and for any hours missed due to future medical appointments.
  • Pain and suffering — As an accident victim, you are entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering caused by your injuries.

Pursuing wrongful death actions for surviving family members

The loss of a loved one is always difficult, but learning that your loved one has been taken from you because of another party’s careless actions can be devastating. Our attorneys offer the passionate and personalized representation you need to pursue compensation. We fight to hold negligent parties accountable for wrongful death actions and pursue damages for:

  • Medical and funeral expenses — As a surviving family member, you have the right to seek compensation for the medical costs and funeral and burial costs of your deceased relative.
  • Loss of consortium — While no amount of money will ever replace the companionship and love you shared with a husband or wife, you do have the right to seek compensation for that loss.
  • Loss of potential income — The loss of a loved one’s income can seriously harm your family’s financial stability. State and federal wrongful death laws allow families to pursue compensation for the income your lost loved one would reasonably have provided if not for his or her death.

Whether you’ve been injured or a beloved family member has died, you deserve caring attorneys committed to guiding you through each step of the legal system. At Pastor & Pastor, we offer that commitment as well as the kind of  negotiation and litigation skills needed to obtain the maximum possible compensation, whether at settlement or in court.

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At the Law Offices of Pastor and Pastor, LLC, our attorneys offer strong and compassionate representation to accident victims throughout New Jersey. To schedule a free consultation to learn more about your rights as a personal injury victim, contact us online or call 732-979-2762 today.  Our offices are conveniently located in Woodbridge and East Brunswick.